Why Cycle?

68% of journeys in Dumfries are under 5 miles, making cycling a viable transport choice for most journeys. Whether you are travelling to work, school or going shopping, it's easy to leave the car at home and jump on the bike and there are loads of benefits.

Stay fit or get back into shape
Cycling improves cardiovascular strength and fitness. A regular adult cyclist has fitness levels equivalent to 10 years younger. Cycling burns 180 calories every 20 minutes. Work out how many calories you could burn by choosing to cycle.

De-stress and enjoy the ride
Feel more relaxed when you reach work or return home. Use the bicycle to explore the outdoors. Dumfries and Galloway has plenty of beautiful cycle routes for you to explore the region.

Get there fast
A two mile trip can easily be cycled in 10-15 minutes, much quicker than when you're stuck in peak hour congestion.

Save money
Replace short car journeys with bicycle trips. For example, choosing to cycle 2 miles to and from work five days per week saves you doing 920 miles in your car per year, equating to an average saving of £150.

Short journeys also increase the wear and tear on your engine, costing more money in repairs. You might be able to give up that extra car, saving thousands of pounds each year on running costs.

You can find out your car's fuel consumption and how much money you could save online.

Tackle CO2
Reduce your carbon footprint and help tackle local air pollution.  Calculate your carbon footprint below:

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