Why travel by bus?

Did you know one bus carries the same number of people as 30 cars and uses 10 times less space? Buses are greener, smarter and can help you save money on your transport costs for work, school and leisure trips.

Stagecoach Bus

Go Cheaper

Using the bus can be cheaper than filling up the car with fuel. GoSmart Dumfries can provide you with information on getting the right bus fare for you, including MegaRider tickets which save you money and also give you the freedom to travel as much as you like around Dumfries. If you choose to go by bus you may be able to give up the extra car in your household, saving thousands of pounds each year on running costs.

"Using the bus has helped me save money" Myra

Sit back and enjoy the ride

Travelling by bus is completely stress-free, you can read a book or relax whilst your chauffeur driven to your destination, instead of fighting your way through rush hour traffic. You can even have a snooze if it's early in the morning!

"I really enjoy travelling into town by bus" Allan

Go Greener

For a journey of 20 miles, travelling by bus reduces your carbon footprint by 3.1kg, which is enough to boil 51 kettles. Short journeys by car increase the wear and tear on your engine and therefore have a bigger impact on the environment. 

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